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UNFCK Yourself and Find ‘U’

The 6-week program that WILL change your life!

Break FREE from the Itty Bitty Sh*tty Committee in your head, and take back control of your emotions, your actions and your life!



This program will teach you:

Why people try to control you

and how to respond without guilt or confrontation.

How to set strong boundaries

in a way that is easy, painless and long lasting.

How to eliminate overwhelm

and start taking inspired action that feels easy and achievable.

How to ditch the narcissist magnet

so you can understand and break the cycle of abuse.

How to move out of the victimhood

and into the life you want, without anyone else needing to change.

How to stand your ground

and calmly speak your truth with courage, without needing new undies afterwards.

How to start valuing yourself

and get your needs met, without letting anyone down.

Feedback from our fearless unfckers

“The best investment I’ve ever made! “Doing this course is like realising the dark room you’ve been sitting in is only so dim because you didn’t realise you could switch the light on.  Leanne gives you the means to find the light switch!

There have been so many valuable lessons in every module, I truly believe doing this course is the best investment I’ve ever made. I one hundred percent recommend signing up and unf*cking your mind.”  

– Bee. D

“Such an amazingly simple step-by-step roadmap to UNFCK myself and become a full time badass”
– Averil. D.


It’s freaky how good these tools are. A friend of mine recommended this course. I’ve just completed the last module and have loved every minute. The modules are easy to understand, and the extra bonus material is also very useful. This is really an eye opener, or a mind opener. Thanks Leanne. Love your work!”
– Marion. D.


Here’s what’s included in your course:







6 Weeks of FCK YEAH

NO BS, easy to digest video modules to watch or listen to each week, packed with badass tools to slam self-sabotage and replace it with self-worth.  Handy resources provided with every module.

Learning Portal

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to your very own, private learning portal filled with all the modules and resources to help you succeed. This online platform is easy to access on any device, anytime. 

learn your own way

Every module comes with a accompanying resource that will help you embed the learnings and create change at a core belief level.  Print them out, or use them as a prompt in your journal. 

Lifetime Access

If down the track you find that your UNFCKery is getting a bit rusty, no problem.  Just log back into your learning portal and give your badassery a tune-up.  Your course NEVER expires. 






Desre Lottering
Desre Lottering
If you really want to change your world around and start living with a free and uncluttered mindset, then this is for you. Leanne has this amazing ability to flip past beliefs, empower you with confidence and self belief. Leanne tells it like it is! Leanne is a life coach for life, always available, incredibly supportive and can transform you into the best version of you!
Phil Richardson
Phil Richardson
Got an issue ? Ready to change ? Leanne is your Lady !. The first step is as achievable as a simple phone call. No Bull, No fluffy stuff , more like nuts and bolts and maybye a swearword or two, you wont regret it.
Louise Hughes
Louise Hughes
Leanne has the ability to put you at ease and get to the heart of the problem quickly, in a relaxed and conversational way. The Walk and talk session was especially good. Definitely recommend!
Bee Denham
Bee Denham
I have used a number of Reboot's services since signing up for Leanne's one-on-one package in 2020 and have received massive value every time. I love that I can contact her for a boost when I need some straight talking advice, and the walk and talks around Big Swamp have the added bonus of a bit of exercise in nature too! Highly recommended, go and reboot your mindset!
melissa busson
melissa busson
I have had the privilege of attending some of Reboot Mindset Coaching sessions. Wow So helpful to everyday life struggles. So helpful to raising self esteem. I can relate to the content of every email letter I receive. Each time I read the letters I can feel my self esteem growing stronger. Thank you Reboot Mindset Coaching for your wisdom to make us all a little wiser and happier. This would be such a bonus for business owners.
Nazzdogg 4x4Photography
Nazzdogg 4x4Photography
Leanne was a keynote speaker at a work function, and I can honestly say those 45mins changed me completely. In 45mins I felt so empowered and equipped to have those difficult conversations and it be completely ok. This kicked off a personal journey for me where I can honestly say I'm not the same person anymore - I got a reboot! And it all started with only 45 minutes. Thanks Leanne for coaching me to a place where I can now celebrate discomfort because it means traction and growth are all happening!!
Keith & Tracie Yardley
Keith & Tracie Yardley
I want to thank Leeanne for inspiring me to be the best version of myself. She has been an amazing part of my journey in the past few months. Aim high then aim higher anything is possible. Thanks again Leeanne
Christie Cula Reid
Christie Cula Reid
Just finished this fantastic 5 week course UnF yourself with Leanne from Reboot Mind Set Coaching. I was feeling stuck in quite a few aspects of my life. I was able to reconnect to what I wanted and begin to create a plan to get unstuck. I learnt a lot of great tools to help reframe my thoughts and make life easier! Esp when it comes to make decisions, what serves me and when I get lost in negative mindsets - identifying them and moving through them to more empowering ones! Life skills I get to keep! Definitely value for your money with lots of little bonuses. I enjoyed the way Leanne shared the content, the weekly catch ups with like-minded people and lots of support along the way. Thank-you Leanne! ☺️🙏🏼
Calum Maxwell
Calum Maxwell
Wow! Is an understatement. Leanne is amazing and really cares about helping everyone that comes her way. She is down to earth, has a great sense of humour, provides valuable insights and really listens.
Rosemary Hocknell
Rosemary Hocknell
Leanne is one of those rare people you meet in a life time that is truly authentic and sincere. If you are looking to unlock your full potential, and understand the beliefs that are holding you back, or create a happy workplace, Leanne's knowledge, passion and straight forward approach will have you seeing results in no time. Her workshops are engaging, humorous and relatable. She is honestly a breath of fresh air and someone I recommend in the highest regard if you are looking for professional or personal growth.

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