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Service Terms and Conditions

1. Terms used in this agreement:

a. Practitioner – a qualified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Time Line Therapy® Practitioner.

b. Client – A person who seeks assistance from the Practitioner.

c. Tasking – Mandatory tasks allocated to the client by the Practitioner for the purpose of creating the best possible outcomes.

d. Reboot Mindset Coaching – the registered business which the Practitioner works under.

2. The practitioner will make an honest recommendation of the number of sessions required after the initial client form is received.

3. The practitioner will facilitate the sessions; the client agrees to follow the process.

4. Reboot Mindset Coaching (the practitioner) agrees to spend an appropriate amount of time preparing for sessions with the client to ensure the best outcome possible.

5. The client understand that the results will depend on his/her/their ability to take action and follow the process to the best of his/her/their abilities, communicate clearly with the practitioner, and to take responsibility for the results achieved. The practitioner will provide the necessary assistance but responsibility for making the process results is the client’s own.

6. The client agrees to share with the practitioner all the issues the client needs assistance with.  The client agrees that issues not shared with the practitioner may impede successful achievement of the client’s goals and objectives.

7. The practitioner agrees to use their best efforts to assist the client to resolve any issues which the practitioner agrees to full confidentiality over.

8. The client agrees that the practitioner may assign tasks to be done in between sessions and the client will extend their best effort to fulfil these tasks.  The client further agrees that if the tasks are not done that the outcome may not be predicted and/or the appointment cancelled.

9. The client acknowledges that, upon mutual agreement, the completion of some tasks may be mandatory and if the task is not completed the appointment may be cancelled without refund. When this tasking is critical to the next session, the practitioner agrees to communicate this with the client effectively. If tasking is consistently not completed, future sessions may be forfeited without a refund.

10. The client understands that the practitioner is not providing psychological or medical advice and that this should no way replicate sound treatment from a licenced or accredited health care provider. Your practitioner is not a licenced medical doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist or social worker.

11. The client understands that the practitioner cannot guarantee results if sessions are booked greater than 8 weeks apart.

12. The services you will receive are not currently regulated in Australia, which is why Reboot Mindset Coaching practitioners work to meet the regulatory requirements of the American  NLP Board, the American Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming Board (AH-NLPB) which is a strictly governed and regulated body that requires members meet or exceed their strict requirements. We abide by the Unregistered Health Practitioners Act 2006 and the NSW HCCC Code of Conduct as there is no current regulation or codes of conduct in Western Australia.

13. Your practitioner will always provide the services they are fully qualified and accredited to perform.  If the scope of your issue would be best handled by another professional, we will refer you in good faith to ensure you have the opportunity to secure the best possible outcome.

14. Due to the type of treatment, coaching and services we offer, the client agrees that there may be times where the client is unsure or confused by the actions or interventions by the practitioner.  This is normal and part of the process.  For this reason, the client agrees to follow the steps the practitioner suggests to the best of their ability.

15. Cancellation Policy – once the client has paid, the therapy begins immediately, and the practitioner will invest time and resources into the preparation of the therapy, therefore no refund is offered unless the practitioner is unable to provide the services or a result with the client providing that the client has followed all steps and instructions of the practitioner.  If the practitioner and client mutually decide to cease the coaching process, a refund will be given, minus costs incurred in providing the coaching up until that date.  If the client simply chooses not to complete tasking or participate in the coaching process, this refund will not be issued as the client has chosen to not fulfil this obligation. If the client completes all tasking and fulfils all obligations but a result is not achieved, a full refund will be provided. 

16. Payments made via bank deposit will not attract a processing fee.  Card payments will attract a 1.9% processing fee. 

16. The client accepts that the treatment they receive may include Neural Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy or Time Line Therapy®.

17. The Client, upon entering the coaching process, automatically accepts these terms and conditions.