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Hi there, you incredible, amazing, exhausted, gorgeous person.

I am so bloody RAPT, and also very honoured that you’re here.

BTW if you’re not much of a reader, and would much rather absorb this email (and some extra bonus tips) as a video, just tap my face (gently lol) below.
But, if you’re all good with reading … then read away!


I want to make sure that this incredible gift you’re about to give yourself is three things:

RELEVANT to what you’re currently experiencing and the good stuff you want during and on the other side of it. I want you to constantly have that OMG it’s like she’s INSIDE MY HEAD feeling.
SIMPLE to use, access, absorb and come back to.
PERSONALISED to you and your needs.
That’s why you can get ALL the support (the live group tutoring sessions, the vault full of additional resources (more on that later), a community of fellow students to bounce off (if you want to), direct access to me via email or the private Student Lounge Facebook Group (see link below).
You can access all of the support, some of it or you can just be left alone to learn (touching base if or when you want to).
You get to do the program, when you want, how you want and in the way you want!
And it starts right NOW!
I have designed a bit of pre-work, or pre-play if you’d rather think of it that way, that will help you get the most out of this program.  Think of it as the crowbar that’ll get your arse into gear.  It’s not compulsory, but I urge you to do it as it’s all about how to silence your inner critic which will make the journey ahead a lot more scenic (and a lot less rocky). 
PLUS, you’ll get to learn a bit about my journey and why I created this program for you.
This pre-work is a bit lighter than the full learning modules, but that’s deliberate – it’ll get you acclimatised.
Let the learning begin!!
Leanne x