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Something we have consistently found, is that conflict in the workplace is caused by two things.  Leaders who aren’t confident in their ability to manage that conflict, and/or people who aren’t able to regulate their emotions.

The great news, is that both of these things are teachable.

Here at Reboot Mindset Coaching, we tailor all of our training and coaching programs to YOUR people, which means that the education and support we deliver, is the education and support they need, regardless of where they sit on the organisational chart.


Executive Leadership Coaching

When you teach leaders how to manage budgets and schedules, but don't teach them how to manage people, you will lose your best staff and your best customers. Our coaching and training is ideal for leaders who want to stop being "too nice" without needing to be nasty. Leaders who want to know who to confidently handle difficult conversations without making things worse, and who want to get off the brink of burnout and into being powerful role models who inspire others to solve their own problems.

Customer Service Training

Let’s face it! Customer service is not for the feint hearted, which is why our one-day training program will give your team the skills to rapidly resolve conflict, solve problems, deal with complex demands and time-wasting customers in a professional way. We'll teach your people how to become expert communicators, in-person, on the phone and in emails so they become powerful advocates for each other, and your business. Let us teach your front line staff how to turn your clients and customers into loyal, raving fans.

Conflict Resolution Support

Conflict is a valuable ingredient to any business, but the issue arises when it turns into combat. Our range of training programs, mediation services and performance management coaching will teach your people how to be more self-aware and accountable for the impact they have on others, so they become productive contributors to their team, and your bottom line. We'll help you mitigate common workplace issues such as communication breakdowns, resistance to change, personality clashes, and departmental silos.

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EMOTIONALly intelligent leadership

When our EQ is low, we avoid difficult conversations, struggle to address poor behaviour, become reactive and more prone to conflict and burnout.

When we have high EQ we are growth focused, communicate effectively and are accountable for our emotions, productivity and impact on others, which in turn inspires those we lead to do the same.  This 12-session mentoring program will give you:

Improved Self-Awareness: You’ll have a better understanding of your own emotions and how they impact your thoughts and behaviours, enabling more effective self-management.

Improved Focus: You’ll improve your ability to manage distractions and concentrate on priorities that align with KPIs.

Improved Conflict Resolution: You’ll develop the skills navigate and resolve conflict constructively, so disruptions are minimised and all parties play a role in contributing to a positive, respectful outcome.

Increased Resilience: You’ll get strategies that will help you become more adaptable and bounce back from setbacks and challenges, with a positive and proactive attitude.

Improved Stress Management: You will learn techniques that will help you manage stress and maintain composure in high-pressure situations, without getting up in your head afterwards.

Improved Mental Health: You’ll learn how to support your own mental health and overall well-being which in turn reduces the risk of burnout, anxiety, and depression.

Improved Self-Accountability: You will learn how to articulate your thoughts and experiences in a way that gets your needs met and also invites others to be a part of objective and proactive problem solving.


Whether you have a huge team, or just one person wanting support to THINK better, FEEL better and BE better, we’ve got you covered. 


Whether you’re looking for training or coaching, we’ll make sure you get the results you want FAST! We are specialists in conflict resolution, customer service, teambuilding and leadership support.

Reboot Mindset coaching session


One-hour coaching sessions that give you strategies to manage an issue you’re navigating, or to help you achieve a goal faster.  Bring a problem, leave with a solution.


If you’re looking for an engaging speaker to inspire, educate and motivate people at your next meeting, conference or community event, you’ve come to the right place.  We can even emcee for you!


Ever wondered why you click with some people but clash with others?  This entertaining training will help you understand why and how to click with everyone.  Download our flyer.  Watch the video.


Not sure how to support your staff, or what they even need? Let us take care of that for you. We’ll do an online Staff Effectiveness Survey to identify what they need and the best way to deliver it. 


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