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The reason you feel exhausted, uninspired, and on a hamster wheel of FML is because you’re not living YOUR life, you’re living the one you’ve been taught to live. Well, let’s go back to self-school, unlearn who you ‘need to be’ and reignite who you really are! Life will become easy, you’ll find loads more time, and things once seen as obstacles will become speedhumps instead of massive brick walls. Guaranteed!

Are you so used to keeping the peace, keeping quiet and keeping everyone else happy that you’ve forgotten who you really are? Reboot can help get you unstuck.


Our point of difference is that we can see what you can’t! You know what you want, and you know what you need to do, but there is an invisible block in the way that sabotages your success and drives you back into old ways. We don’t just see those blocks we understand exactly what we need to do to f*ck them off for good!

F*ck off all the crap you’ve been taught about yourself, who you need to be, and what determines success. Step fearlessly and unapologetically into who you were born to be!
Leanne From Reboot

Understanding You

Working with us is like getting a user’s manual to your own mind! You’ll learn why you think the way you do and get kickass tools to create rapid, positive change.

Eliminating the Blocks

You were born perfect but have learned to believe that you’re not, from people who are caught up in their own limitations. What if all the limiting beliefs holding you back aren’t even yours? What if you could release them all, and set your true self free? You can and together, we will!

A Roadmap Forward

It’s hard to create a mind-blowing future when your current, limited self is making all the decisions. Let us help you honour your current self for getting you this far, and then put your future, badass self behind the wheel so you can head straight for who you were always meant to be.

Unlock a New You

On the other side of our coaching journey, you’ll be a version of yourself that you only ever dreamt of being. You’ll have access to a level of joy you never thought would be yours, and you’ll be owning your space like never before.



Whether you’re looking for a few sessions to clear some lingering blocks, or an intensive program to create emotional change at a blueprint level, we’ve got you covered. Book your session and let’s have a chat about the fastest way to for you to eliminate social anxiety, procrastination, and communication blocks, or how we can dive deeper and release anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt, along with the unhelpful patterns that are sabotaging you.  We’ll help you become Teflon to drama, negativity, resentment, covert control and whatever else is making life hard.

If you're ready to finally get unstuck, we're ready to help

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Reboot Your Workplace

Create an environment that your staff and clients love, and your opposition envies.

UNFCK Yourself and Find U

UNFCK Yourself and Find U is an internationally acclaimed, 6-week course that will change your life.

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Skyrocket Workplace Happiness

Improve Workplace Happiness

Become A Kickass Communicator

Become A Powerful Communicator

BREAK-FREE From Unhealthy Cycles

Break-FREE from

Put The "Easy" Back Into Your Life

Make Difficult
Conversations Easy

Create Customer
Service Superstars

Take Back Your Power

Connect to
Your Purpose

Skyrocket Your Self-Worth

Skyrocket Your

Get Unstuck FAST

Get Unstuck

Frequently Asked Questions

We specialise in making difficult things easy. Our most popular training sessions are:

  1. Delivering Exceptional Customer Service
  2. Dealing with Difficult People
  3. From Conflict to Cohesion
  4. Back from the Brink of Burnout
  5. How to Create a Drama free Workplace

We also have many clients who engage us to deliver bespoke training that meets their specific outcomes.

In a word – everywhere! We can host you at our training premises in Bunbury Western Australia, or we can come to your corporate, community, or mining premises. We also deliver fully interactive training online.

Absolutely! We have created a range of induction modules (around customer service, mindset, and conflict resolution) for the mining and hospitality industries. Please contact us if you’d like some specific materials created for your new staff.

We'd love to hear from you!