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Well you’re here now…so lets get started! If you’re unsure which option best suits your needs, give Leanne a buzz to discuss which kickass package works best for you and/or your team.

Reboot Your Workplace


Not sure what help you need, but you just know you need something? Book a complimentary, obligation-free consult to discover what life coaching is, what it could do for you, how long it’ll take and the various packages we have available.


These one-hour life coaching sessions are a great way to fill your mindset toolbox so that you can think better, feel better and be better.


This full breakthrough package will help you release patterns and beliefs that are sabotaging your confidence, relationships, communication, and success. Prepare to become like Teflon to drama, negativity, resentment, and covert control. Includes 12 x one-hour fortnightly sessions plus phone and email support for 12 months.

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If you’d like more information on how we can reboot your workplace morale, performance, cohesion, and integrity, book this consult. We’ll bring you up to speed on how we can help you create a workplace your staff love and your opposition envies. Available in-person or online. For your peace of mind, this session is obligation-free. 

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The position of a leader these days, has little to do with a title, and a lot to do with the ability to unlock the potential and loyalty of the people that turn up to work every day. This one2one coaching program is for visionary people who want to power-up their communication skills and lead themselves and others out of conflict, into cohesion, collaboration, and integrity.

Reboot Mindset coaching session


We have a range of unorthodox training options available. If you want to inspire your people into courageous self-leadership, build trust in your teams, or provide exceptional customer service to mainstream and/or neurodivergent customers, we have you covered. Tap the button to email us the superpowers you want your people to have, and we’ll get back to you with some options.

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