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How to escape impostor syndrome, without needing to believe in yourself first!

The first ever corporate training I did sent me straight into impostor syndrome’s gates of hell, actually no, on second thoughts, it was worse! At ...
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When leaders fall into the approval trap

Read on to identify if you’re in it, the impact if you choose to stay in it and some simple, proven strategies to escape it. ...
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A piece of cellophane or a piece of work. Which one are you?

How once cranky heckler nearly ruined a family outing, and how one cool, calm collected dad decided to handle it differently. A few weeks ago, ...
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Nice Guys Can Lead Too: Mastering Assertiveness Without Sacrificing Empathy

Meet Jason – a leader who shared he’d “find swimming with sharks less stressful than taking his chances with a belligerent employee”. Are you familiar ...
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The Impact of Shiny Object Leadership

Before we dive into this topic, for the purposes of full disclosure, I need to confess that “my name is Leanne Shaw and I used ...
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From Pushover to Powerful Leader

“I’m just too nice for my own good!”  It’s a statement I hear from a lot of the clients I work with.  Leaders who want ...
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