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About Us

Reboot Mindset Coaching laced up its boots in 2018 and has since earned itself a reputation for being a brave, authentic, and unconventional player in the personal and corporate psychosocial space.

Founder, Leanne Shaw got to work disrupting the norms of traditional training and coaching after resolving her own three-decade struggle with mental health issues due to sexual, emotional, and financial abuse.

Initially, being a business owner wasn’t on her radar, she simply decided it was time to step away from traditional therapy and take personal responsibility for her own rehabilitation, not just for herself, but to serve as an example to the three young daughters she was raising as a sole parent.

The big shift happened, when after careers in journalism, and community services, she undertook studies in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching. It was then that she discovered how to dismantle her trauma-based thinking and release more than 30 years of believing she was defective. 

After achieving such a profound transformation, and helping a few friends realise their potential, the word spread, enquiries kept coming and it wasn’t long before she realised it was time to quit her job and step into a calling to help others to do the same.

She opened the doors to her business, and with her say-it-like-it-is approach, started helping people to dismantle their own negative self-beliefs and release the inherited stereotypes that kept them stuck in cycles of reactivity, people pleasing, anxiety, negative emotion and believing they’re not enough. 

Corporates wanting to develop empowered and resilient employees also started calling, which led to the business designing and delivering authentic training, which was recently described as breath of fresh air and a refreshing change from the standard death-by-PowerPoint approach. 

By offering training, individual programs, online courses, EAP support and personal life coaching, Leanne, along with her daughter Samantha who also works in the business, have helped to reboot workplace harmony, improve accountability, move out of being reactive, into being proactive, and to start having empowering conversations with each other, and with themselves.

They help people to stop regurgitating the past, and start having the time of their lives. 

Leanne Shaw


Meet LEanne

Leanne Shaw

Leanne Shaw has an ability to transform your mindset, relationships, and work culture. She is a communication specialist, and her ability to radically shift peoples’ mindsets in a short period of time has made her an in-demand life coach, leadership consultant, keynote speaker, and corporate trainer.

​Her workshops are regularly sold out because people are drawn to her ability to cut to the chase and annihilate mindset blocks with humour and authentic straight talk.

Most of her clients come to her, disillusioned after spending thousands of dollars on therapy, which is why she uses a refreshingly real approach to help them shift blocks fast and affordably.

SUPERPOWER: Real and no bullshit!

WEAKNESS: Dad jokes.

PETS: Cat Nyla, and her fish, Rodney, Clarice, Nathan, Audrey, and Bruce.

FAVE FOOD: A good spicy satay.

FAVE DRINK: Good coffee and an occasional Gin.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Road trips, people watching and lolly bananas.

FAVE SAYING: I’ve upped my frequency, now up yours!

BRAGS ABOUT: Sitting next to Dr Who on a flight to England, and West Coast Eagles CEO Trevor Nisbett sharing he wishes he could present like she does.

LOUSY AT: Opening spreadsheets!  (Her soul leaves her body!)

DREAMS OF: Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and cycling around Australia.

Samantha Shaw


Meet Samantha

Samantha Shaw

Samantha O’Connor is like a bottle of lemonade with extra bubbles.  She’s fun, engaging and has an incredible sense of warmth.

A self-confessed doggo lover, self-love campaigner and introvert, she’s also the engine-room of Team Reboot and keeps everything well-oiled and ticking along in the background so magic can happen.


WEAKNESS: Cinnamon buns, road trips, crystals, and outer space

PET: Louie, the wonder dog.

FAVE FOOD: Chicken Parmy.

FAVE DRINK: Mocha, iced or hot.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Lazy Sundays with Louie and her husband, Brock.

FAVE SAYING: Oooooh nooooo!

BRAGS ABOUT: Being instrumental in creating meaningful legislation during her 8-years in politics.

LOUSY AT: Folding fitted sheets. 

DREAMS OF: Building her dream house with her hunky spunky.

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