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What’s REALLY undermining your workplace

One thing I have consistently found in my conflict resolution work, is that a person’s ability to manage stress is the number one contributor to how productive and reactive they are.

People who are proactive, responsive, and able to demonstrate emotional intelligence do not create or participate in conflict negatively.  What they do instead, is invest time in resolving the problem rather than investing time identifying who’s to blame (and creating an even bigger problem).

In 100% of the performance management coaching I have conducted; EVERY person will begin their first session with me by outlining the stressors they’re experiencing in life. These ALWAYS come back to their relationship with a partner, a family member, with money or their own self-esteem. Anyone who is experiencing issues in these areas does not have the resilience, clarity or emotional head space to take on an additional load without cracks forming in our communication and resilience.

Therefore, the advice I have for you, is this – to stop teaching your people how to respond to conflict, to people, to productivity expectations, and start teaching them how to respond and better manage stress.  When you do, the rest will take care of itself.

An emotionally intelligent person will not over-react, lash out, slack off, or actively help to build silos.  They do not assign meanings to challenges and then take those meanings personally.  They don’t look for judgement, for insinuations or for attacks.

They will not add to your workload, they will help lighten it.

So here are some very simple questions I would encourage you to ask yourself and to also ask your staff to reflect on before any kind of conflict discussion happens or feedback is delivered.

How would I rate my current stress level?

Is this stress level helping or harming my productivity?

How am I behaving toward others? 

The issue I am experiencing at work, is it personal?

 The issue I am experiencing at work, am I making it personal?

Am I responding, or am I reacting?

If I was less stressed, what areas of my life would improve?

If I was less stressed, what would I have more time for?

If I wasn’t experiencing stress, how would I handle this situation differently?

Who am I going to be about this?

What do I need?

I could go on and on, but I won’t because I think you get my point.

We are humans having a very human experience.  What if we stopped trying to make ourselves and others different and simply started learning how to better manage how we deal with stress?

It’s simple, it doesn’t involve trying to work out what training to offer your team, it doesn’t require you signing up for long term programs. 

Let’s face it, all of that sounds stressful.

It’s about taking the time to resolve the root cause of the issue, instead of coming up with another bandaid. When you do, you’ll find that your entire workplace will be more productive, constructive, and positive. You’ll go home to your family in a better mood, you’ll sleep better and life will be so much easier.  Better still, any young people in your life will be watching and learning from you.

I had a client tell me recently that “this workplace happiness movement is a big pile of wanky bullshit – people get money to work, that should be enough, the world has gone soft and no one wants to work anymore.”

I asked him if no one really wants to work, or if no one really wants to work for HIM?

Anyway, long story short, he and I did some work together.  Just seven one-hour sessions in fact, and as a result, his staff are magically working harder, his wife is no longer threatening divorce, and he is taking time out to play golf and is making more money than he ever has.

The only thing I helped him change, was his stress levels and his world (and everyone in it) benefited and stepped-up immediately.

His suggestion to me was that I should change my business name to “From Prick to Pied Piper”, which I must admit, would definitely get me some attention, but I can’t take all the credit.

He was the one carrying the stress.  I simply showed him how to put it down, along with his weapons.

If you’d like to see if stress is what’s really disrupting your workplace and undermining productivity and retention, let me send you a survey link to share with your staff, then a week later, I’ll send you back some objective, helpful insight, along with a few things you can implement yourself right now, as well as some quick, affordable ways I can help you turn things around.

The survey is just $195 (ex GST) and is 100% obligation free.  You don’t have to use me afterwards, but you will get to use the gold straight away.

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Leanne Shaw
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Leanne Shaw

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