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How To STOP the Tsunami of Resignations

How To STOP the Tsunami of Resignations

The urge to throw the concept of employee happiness into the “fluffy shit that’s not my responsibility” is one of the leading reasons why resignations are being handed to managers at record rates. Expecting our staff to clock off in their personal lives, as they clock on at work has peril written all over it and demonstrates the existence of an archaic management style.

Yes, it’s true, that an employee’s personal life is not an employer’s responsibility, but when you think that for every dollar invested in soft skills training (such as positive communication and relationship building skills), companies receive, on average, $4.53 in return. I think we can agree that there’s a whole lot of happiness for everyone in a 353% return on investment.

In an environment where people feel valued, productivity increases, and workplace grievances decrease. Unsurprisingly, we have also found that organisations with happy workers see a reduction in absenteeism and staff turnover, a massive benefit considering that it takes, on average, six to nine month’s salary to replace and train an employee to efficient competency.

Surveys that we have conducted indicate that one in four employees are unhappy in their work and a staggering 70% are passively keeping their eye out for a better job, citing office politics, or dealing with challenging behaviours as one of the main reasons for their compromised loyalty.

Since the big C word disrupted the world, many employees are re-evaluating their career goals, with work-life balance and emotional fulfilment overtaking dollars and status, and any employer who fails to recognise this is going to lose out big time. So, rather than having to settle for staff who are prepared to work for them, workplaces need to start retraining their current staff, so they bring their creativity, innovation, and passion to work, instead inspiring them to create a new CV.

One of the hardest things for a manager to do is identify what soft skills training their team would benefit from, which is why, here at Reboot Mindset Coaching, we make it easy for you.

Our Employee Happiness Survey determines your Workplace Happiness Score, along with a goldmine of feedback on what staff need to be happier, the skills they’d like to increase and the communication challenges they’d like support to manage better. Archaic managers see the survey as a threat to their ego, whereas visionary managers see is as an opportunity to become an employer of choice and, as a result, substantially increase revenue.

Our point of difference here at Reboot Mindset Coaching, is that we inspire courageous self-accountability and dissolve the need to blame because, we know that, when people have the tools to change their thoughts, emotions and behaviour, magic happens.

Happiness happens.

Leanne Shaw
Senior Coach/Trainer
Leanne Shaw

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