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How happy is YOUR workplace?

How happy is YOUR workplace?

What’s your Workplace Happiness Score?

Knowing it could be the piece of fried gold that skyrockets your business.

As humans, we all have the same desire – to be happy!

The workplace is no different.

When your people enjoy coming to work, get along with the people they work with, are committed to being their best and doing their best, incredible things become possible, and they become EASY!

There is so much focus on culture change strategies and programs, but there is something that will make the change easier, cheaper, quicker and for longer – and that’s asking your people the right questions.

FUN FACT! We created this survey a while back so we could determine a baseline before rebooting mindsets and workplaces. It was for our benefit only and allowed us to accurately measure the success of our work.

But what we consistently found, is that what people want and what management thinks people want were two different things. One corporate we worked with recently invested just shy of $90,000 on staff appreciation initiatives last financial year (with little impact), but had they done our survey, they could have spent a miniscule fraction of that and got a better result.

Through our extensive work, we were always blown away by the simplicity of people’s needs and how easy it can be to make a huge positive shift by making some tiny changes.

Seriously, we’ve had so many corporates scratch their heads and look dumbfounded when we tell them how easy it is to provide what their staff really want.

“But we ask staff all the time what we can do better” say so many of our corporate clients, but they never bloody tell us.

And why is that I wonder?

Imagine a parent saying to a child “tell me what I need to do better”. They may get a few superficial suggestions, but the real gold … that’s not likely to be shared anytime soon out of fear that the parent will withdraw some of their love.

Considering that our deep core beliefs are installed subconsciously (aka from when we were children) it’s no wonder the parent/child relationship bears an eerie resemblance to the employer/employee one.

“But we do employee satisfaction surveys every year and still get nowhere” is another comment we hear a lot.

But, are you asking the right questions?

Do you understand the linguistics people are using?

Are their words taking you down a rabbit hole of opportunity, or are they simply alternating left and right hooks to what’s left of your exhausted desire to create change?

​If you’d like us to determine your Workplace Happiness Score, and save you a sh*t ton of money in the process, just click the link, fill out the form and we’ll get cracking.

There is a fee for this service, but in comparison to the gold you’ll get in the follow-up report, it’s a negligible AU$499.

If you’d like us to calculate your Workplace Happiness Score and give you some easy-to-implement ideas on how to improve it yourself, then click HERE for more information.

Oh, and did I mention it’s obligation-free?

We want you to benefit from the insight your staff have (but may be reluctant to share with you), whether you use our services in future or not.

Because, a happier workplace means happier people, which means a happier world.

And in a happier world, we all win!

Leanne Shaw
Senior Coach/Trainer
Leanne Shaw

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